August 14, 2017

About ESRM


We focus on coastal sustainability from our own backyards to international waters.

ESRM at California State University Channel Islands

Today's environmental problems call for individuals who are educated in more than one discipline, highly trained in technical skills, and aware of the political, economic, and social dimensions of environmental decisions. The Bachelor of science in Environmental Science and Resource Management (ESRM) provides solid training in basic physical, biological, and social sciences, and application of management science to reduce adverse impacts of human activity on the environment and to maximize the benefits that accrue from environmental resources. In the narrowest sense, Environmental Science is the study of the interaction and co-evolution of human, physical, and biological systems. Resource management is concerned with the most effective means of avoiding damage to environmental assets and extracting beneficial uses of environmental resources, within the context of social institutions. Effective Resource management considers benefits and cost, uncertainties and risks, limits of knowledge, institutional constraints, and social and political forces.

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