Korea Blog Post #10 (Last)

Hello everybody! This is my last post from time abroad in Korea, sadly. I returned to the US on the 30th of June and I’ve had a hard time adjusting. Right after finals, I spent the last week hanging out with friends and going to places. One notably thing I did was to go Nami Island. Nami Island is a micronation within Korea and like an hour away by subway and I highly recommend to anyone to go there. There is beautiful scenery there, some animals like ostriches and some small museums within the island. I mostly went out to bars and restaurants to bid my farewells to my friends. On my last day, I spent it with two of my best friends that I made in Korea, Jiyoon and Eunji. On our last day, we had samgyeopsal, one of my favorite Korean dishes which is just grilled pork belly, then afterwards had coffee. We then later went to a VR place where we had fun playing games. It was my first time trying VR and it was really interesting, it all feels so real. To end the night, we did an escape room. Although we failed to escape, it was really fun trying to escape and finding out clues. I recommend everyone to go to Korea as it a beautiful country with very nice people! Thank you to everyone who had read by blogs!!

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