GIS Georeference – Protecting Marine Mammals in Crowded Waters

By: Susan Birch, Intro to GIS Student “Protecting Marine Mammals in Crowded Water” is the second prize winner of the 2018 ESRI Storytelling with Maps Contest in the category of Conservation, Environment, and Sustainability. With the objective to illustrate efforts aimed at protecting the planet’s natural environments and ensuring a sustainable future for mankind, this[…]

GIS Georeference: GIS Helps Rid The World of Land Mines

By: Samuel Viglietti, Intro to GIS Student In the Winter of 2016, ESRI announced that it would team up with the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD) to help rid the world of land mines in 40 countries. The announcement said that “ESRI will modernize its software that will play a central role in[…]