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What is esrm?

We focus on coastal sustainability from our own backyards to international waters.

Today’s environmental problems call for individuals who are educated in more than one discipline, highly trained in technical skills, and aware of the political, economic, and social dimensions of environmental decisions. The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Resource Management (ESRM) provides solid training in basic physical, biological, and social sciences, and application of management science to reduce adverse impacts of human activity on the environment and to maximize the benefits that accrue from environmental resources. In the narrowest sense, Environmental Science is the study of the impact of human systems on physical and biological systems, and the dependence on natural resources by human systems. In a broader sense, Environmental Science is the study of the interaction and co-evolution of human, physical, and biological systems. Resource Management is concerned with the most effective means of avoiding damage to environmental assets and extracting beneficial uses of environmental resources, within the context of social institutions. Effective Resource Management considers benefits and costs, uncertainties and risks, limits of knowledge, institutional constraints, and social and political forces.

  • Sandy Beach
  • Pollution
  • Santa Rosa Island
  • mapping

the ESRM team

meet our professors and staff
Sean Anderson
Sean Anderson
Program Chair, Professor
Conservation biologist, Pirate
Representative Classes:
Service Learning in New Orleans
Coastal & Marine Management
-Had lunch w/ Michael Gorbachev.
-Couldn’t walk/had casts on his legs for the first 5 years of his life.
-Once had the #1 DJ business in SB.
-Was once erroneously confused with bomber attacking Congressional offices, leading to his being interrogated by the FBI.
Kiki Patsch
Kiki Patsch
Assistant Professor
Coastal Geomorphologist
Representative Classes:
Physical Oceanography
-Has 1 husband, 4 kids, 1 dog, 1 cat, 1 bunny, and 4 goldfish
-Eats mostly brown food
-Grew up on Hilton Head Island
-Drove a 1977 super beetle across the country twice
-Can say the alphabet backwards (quickly)
Clare Steele
Clare Steele
Assistant Professor
Marine Conservation Biologist
Representative Classes:
Conservation Biology
Environmental Film Series
-Enjoys playing beach volleyball.
-Grew up in England.
-Has lived in 8 different countries on four different continents.
-Loves to scuba dive coral reefs
-Her spirit animal is a manta ray.
Dan Reineman
Dan Reineman
Assistant Professor
Representative Classes:
Environmental Law & Policy
Land Use Planning
-Has a baby boy named Huck Westerly who is pretty much the most captivating thing in the universe.
-Likes to bake/eat sourdough bread. Mmm, sourdough.
-He would rather be in, on, or under the water (preferably Pacific) than any place on land.
-His great great grandma moved to Southern California in 1895 and his family has been here ever since.
-Feels strongly that the bowline is the greatest, must useful knot in the whole history of the world.
Linda O’hirok
Linda O’hirok
Fluvial Geomorphologist
Representative Classes:
Water Resources Management
Environmental Issues in Geography
-The first time she went to SRI with her Girl Scout troop long before it was a part of the Channel Islands National Park.
-She hosted the first academic conference at CI when the campus was still part of CSUN in 1999 for California Geographical Society. Everyone wanted a job at CI!
Brett Hartman
Brett Hartman
Systems Ecologist/Human Geographer
Representative Classes:
Cultural Geography
Restoration Ecology
-Composed an album and recorded it with the sound engineer that worked on Frank Zappa’s albums
-Grew up in the Amazon
-Plays guitar
-His son Liam is a barrel of laughs
Mary Woo
Mary Woo
Environmental Chemist
Representative Classes:
Introduction to ESRM
Coastal Contaminants
-Grew up in Santa Barbara
-Worked on the vessel that found Titanic
-Enjoys hiking and outrigger paddling
-Loves golden retrievers
-Wants to do away with petroleum based plastics
Don Rodriguez
Don Rodriguez
Emeritus Professor
-Is the first generation high school and college graduate
-Has been a fly fishing guide in CO
-Has three kids (2 boys and 1 girl), and they all have jobs! Both sons are fly fishermen
-His wife teaches in the Business program
Rachel Cartwright
Rachel Cartwright
Emeritus Professor
Marine Mammalogist
Representative Classes:
Marine Mammal Aerial Photogrammetry
Field Class- Hawaii
-Originally from Manchester, England.
-Spends most of her summers in South-east Alaska.
-Although she studies humpback whales, she’s a little obsessed with grizzly bears.
-In her twenties, she lived on Andros Island in the Bahamas.
-In her free time, she really likes to go to Zumba classes, despite incredibly poor dance skills.
Emily Welsh
Emily Welsh
Instructional Support Technician
-Enjoys the noise of cobble/rocks tumbling in the surf
-Studied abroad in Australia where she traveled Nemo’s journey from Cairns to Sydney
-Nicknamed ‘Wrong way Welsh’ for notoriously being lost
-Adds salt to her Top Ramen

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