Monthly Korea Blog #8

Hi everybody! Welcome to my monthly blog post. This past month I haven’t really done much, just hanging out with friends and focusing on classes. Classes started around the 4th of March and it has been fun meeting my new classmates. This semester my new classes are General Microbiology, Ecological Engineering, Geospatial Information Engineering, Satellite Meteorology and Interior of the Earth. This semester I decided not to take a Korean class and rather teach myself and have friends help me albeit it’s a little more difficult. I’ll try to do a little more traveling around the city this month in April as my time here is winding down slowly. My favorite class has to be my Interior of the Earth class right now. The professor is very goo at teaching and makes learning elementary geodynamics very easy to learn and fun. Sorry I didn’t get to do many fascinating things this month but next month I’ll be sure to post more photos and talk about more things! I hope everyone had a good spring break!

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