Blueprint Earth’s a Spark for Change Volunteer Opportunity

Blueprint Earth (BE) is a scientific research organization that brings
together scientists and students in an effort to learn about Earth’s
environmental functions. Currently, BE is cataloging the geology,
biology, hydrology, and atmospheric conditions in a square kilometer of
California’s Mojave Desert. Changing climate and human encroachment will alter this ecosystem forever. We can protect it, but first we need your help to understand it! Teams of student researchers are led by experienced scientists, working across fields to build a complete understanding of how the desert lives and breathes.
Students will then have the opportunity to share your
research in a public outreach event.
BE is looking for hard working, dedicated, and ambitious students for this exciting environmental conservation project. This experiences provides interpersonal skill development, field work with  experienced scientist, and the opportunity for community outreach. They are in need of students with a variety of backgrounds ranging from environment science, urban planning, or Photography/film. All majors welcome to apply!

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