Surveying the Shutdown

The recent 35 day shutdown of a quarter of the federal government has hit us hard here in ESRM.  The closure has blocked our access to our research station on Santa Rosa Island, slowed our search for a new faculty member, and much more.

As part of an effort to better understand the broader management and science impactions of shuttering a good chunk of our government for 10% of the year, ESRM has launched a national Shutdown Impact Survey.  You’ll be able to see the results of our data collection in a week or two (maybe even in one of your classes this semester) once we halt data collection.  For now, please consider taking it (if you know of impacts to resource management, science, or related goings on) and sharing it with any of your colleagues, friends, etc. who might themselves have observed or learned of any such consequences of the closure.

Click this image below to take our anonymous survey:

Dr. A’s more detailed blog post about the survey is HERE.

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