2018 Costumes

Everyone is welcome to this year’s Annual Coastal and Marine Management Halloween Costume Contest!

The year’s contest will be held at the start of our ESRM 462‘s class on Friday, October 26 in Sierra Hall 2411 (the second floor classroom in the NE corner of the building).

Come by!  We need help voting!

Coastal Halloween Costume, Fall 2015

Categories for costumes are:

  1. Best Representation of a Coastal or Marine Management Theme
  2. Most Creative/Overall/Funny/Epic Costume

Our only rules are:

  1. It has to be a “real” costume.  Contestants can’t simply show up and say “I’m dressed as a CSUCI student” or a similarly lame excuse.
  2. It has to have something to do with a Coastal or Marine issues/themes/events.
  3. The more creative, the better.

Coastal Halloween Costumes, Fall 2012

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