The Experience of Interning at an Oil Company

The following is a written testimony from Andrew Darmand an Environmental Science and Resources Management graduate from CSU Channel Islands.

Over this past summer, I did an internship at, and this is still a shock to me, an oil company. If you’ve heard of the EPA and what was the main component for starting it, then you have an idea of where I had the opportunity to work at! The company I worked for owns the Platform A from the Santa Barbra Oil Spill, as an ESRM student standing on that platform gave me a sense of wonder and amazement on the impact that things can have on the world. For this oil company, I was an Air Compliance Inspector. This meant that I did almost everything in the company involving regulations regarding Air Quality. The main thing I took away from this internship was that ESRM jobs are not just limited to the Government side, being a park ranger, a city biologist, etc. There are tons of jobs out there in the private sector that all revolve around making sure that companies are working in compliance with the laws and doing their best efforts to preserve the environment!

Platform A Photo Provided by Andrew Damron

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