Monthly Korea Blog #3

Hello everybody! This is the third post from my monthly blog in Korea and I am happy to share it with you guys. I have spent the past three weeks studying and taking exams, so this post will be short compared to my last two.

The most noteworthy thing I experienced this past month was the Yonko Games. The Yonko Games are five games held every year in the fall between Yonsei University and Korea University with the most intense school rivalry you can possibly imagine. Since South Korea is not as invested in sports as we often are in the US, most of their energy is put into these five games: hockey, baseball, soccer, rugby and basketball. My Analysis in Ecotoxicology professor (Dr. Samuel Carrol Brooks III) received four free tickets to the hockey match and kindly passed two of them to me.  This both allowed me to take a friend and gave me a unique opportunity to see a game that is super popular among diehard Yonko fans (hardly anyone can get these tickets). I went with my classmate Sharon from my Korean class and we had an amazing time. Everyone was dressed in their school colors and everyone was singing school chants. It was intense! Although our school’s team lost thanks to a late rally by Korea University, it really was something amazing to see.

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