Monthly Korea Blog #7

Hi everybody! This is my seventh post into my year abroad in Korea and I spent it really well this month. This month I finally got to travel to Japan and I got to see my former roommate from last year. Last year, I lived in the dormitory at school and one of my roommates was a Japanese exchange student, whose name is Soma, and I finally got to see him again after he left the US last year. I stayed one week in Osaka and spent one day traveling to Kyoto and it was one of the best experiences I got to see. I did many things in Japan from going to the largest aquarium in Osaka to viewing the whole city in the largest skyscraper to spending at least 2 hours in the International Manga Museum just reading manga with my friend Soma. I also went to Shinsekai, a popular tourist attraction where it keeps the old spirit of Japan to the Tennoji zoo to just watching a movie at the theaters. A fun interesting culture thing I got to experience is actually what happens after you watch a movie. Bohemian Rhapsody was still playing in Japan and I told Soma that we should watch it and after watching the whole movie the credits rolled in obviously. What was so interesting is that nobody left the movie room after the credits started rolling in. Everyone just stayed in their seats and me and Soma waited until 5 minutes after the credits and I was in utter shock because not once in my life have I seen this. Beside Japan, I spent the month trying to improve my Korean and also went outside Seoul and went to Incheon again. Tomorrow I start school and I can’t wait to start my new classes again!

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