Monthly Korea Blog #6

Hi everybody! This is my sixth post into my year abroad in Korea. School doesn’t start until early March, so I have spent this month mostly relaxing with friends, either going out to eat or hanging around near bars, or by studying to continue to improve my Korean. I enjoyed taking the Korean course last semester so much that I decided to try and continue to teach myself with the help of my Korean friends every once in a while. One interesting thing I did this month was go to the National Museum of Korea and it was amazing, I would highly recommend it to anybody visiting Seoul. The first floor contains artifacts and talks about the different rulers Korea had and what Korean life was like from primitive times to up until now. The second and third floor contains Korean art which was really pretty to see as well. Outside the museum there is garden but because it was winter it looked mostly brown, so I have to come back during the spring and see it again. The Hangeul Museum is near the National Museum though it is not as big. The Hangeul museum was my favorite part as it talks about the creation of the Hangeul alphabet, which is the alphabet used by Koreans every day. They talk about when it first created during the Joseon Dynasty to other time periods such as World War 2 where it was banned to now where the alphabet has become integrated with technology such as in keyboard or in code for computer programming. All in all, I had great time this month and I can’t wait to be visiting Japan next week. I hope everybody is doing well so far this semester!

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