Monthly Korea Blog #4

Hello everybody! This is my fourth blog post into my time abroad in South Korea and I had a great time this month. I went to the aquarium and the library located at the Starfield COEX Mall, one of the world’s largest underground shopping mall, and it was really beautiful. The aquarium is one the largest in the country with over 650 different species and houses over 40,000 creatures. The Starfield Library located at the mall is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen with giant bookshelves that go up to 13 meters. I went to Incheon with one of my Korean friends and spent time exploring Inha University and eating around the area.  My friend’s sister goes to that university but she is taking time off from school and is working in Australia for the year. I even met some French international students at one of the restaurants near the university and we talked about our experiences so far as exchange students. I also went to a Korean wedding. My Korean teacher invited our whole class to her wedding and a few of us went to support her. It was really beautiful, and I am very happy for her and I am very gracious for her to invite us. It was very quick with it only lasting around 2 or 3 hours but that is how Korean weddings are done. Nonetheless, it is a memory I will never forget. Finals is almost coming in a few weeks and I’m excited to explore more of Korea in my free time but sad as some of my international friends are going to go back home. So far I have had a great experience and I’m really glad I’ve made this decision to go abroad.

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