Monthly Korea Blog #2

Hello everybody! This is my second monthly blog post about my experience studying abroad in South Korea and it has been fun and busy. A month in already and classes has been keeping me hard at work. For those wondering, my classes are sustainable resource engineering, analysis in ecotoxicology, environmental and sustainable development, and a Korean intensive language course that requires me to go every school day for two hours. I also managed to join two programs offered by Yonsei Global, an organization within the school offering program activities for international students. I joined a language exchange program where I was partnered with a Korean student, Heesu, who is eager to learn Spanish from me as he hopes over the winter break to go to Bolivia, Peru and Chile. I also joined a free language program where I’m going to learn a new language from another international student. I plan a learning a little bit of German throughout the semester from my new friend Klara who happens to be from Germany. I also made some Korean friends in my classes with all different and unique backgrounds. My friend Heejin was born in Korea but moved to Guatemala for 17 years while returning to Korea for her undergraduate and my friend Kang Cheoul was also born in Korea but lived in Malaysia for 15 years and returned to Korea for his undergraduate. Korean thanksgiving, known as Chuseok here, was just this week and it was fun catching up on some work while also going out near Seoul and Konkuk University. I manage to visit the Jeoldusan Martyrs’ Shrine near me in Hapjeong. It’s a historical place where Catholics in the 1800s were persecuted and it was very pretty to see and fun to learn a little bit more of this country’s history. Next month in October is when midterms take place so I know I have to focus my time studying, but hopefully I’ll get around to see more places!

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