Coastal Fall 2018 Update!

We’ve suddenly seen increased demand for core ESRM courses as our major has started to grow in leaps and bounds.  ESRM 462-Coastal and Marine Management has always had a single lecture and single activity section for the 13 years we’ve been teaching this foundational course for our program here at CSUCI.  This fall is marks a major change.  While our original plan was to continue this offering, so many of you have been asking to be added to the class that we have decided to expand the number of folks who can take the course.  We’ve done that by adding a second section during the time slot when our lecture was previously scheduled (and so moved the lecture to a new time slot Friday).  This should allow everyone who wants/needs to take Coastal to get in.

We made this change to the catalog on May 1, 2018.  Many of you were already enrolled.  Given we had to change the lecture time only real option for us was to drop everyone from the course and then institute the new section and lecture schedule.  That is now done and the revised schedule is in the system and open for enrollment.  Please re-enroll in one of these newly adjusted sections (Monday or Wednesday afternoons) and you will be automatically enrolled in our expanded, Friday lecture section.

Your options for Fall 2018 are now:

Monday (Section 2A): from noon to 1:50pm (meeting in Sierra Hall 2324, our ConsBio Lab)

Wednesday (Section 3A): from noon to 1:50pm (meeting in Sierra Hall 2324, our ConsBio Lab)

Everyone will also be enrolled in our lecture which can now accommodate up to 50 students:

Friday (Section 02): from 1:30 to 3:50 (meeting in Sierra Hall 2411)

As many of you know there have also been some issues with folks being not allowed to enroll in some upper division ESRM courses owing to the new prerequisite enforcement being done by the Registrar’s Office.  If you are trying to enroll in Coastal and have (or will have) completed ESRM 100 by next Fall, I am happy to give you an add code.  Just email me with “ESRM 462 Add Code” in the subject line of your email.

Thank you for being understanding of our growing pains as ESRM continues to expand while remaining responsive to your needs.

I’m really looking forward to this fall’s Coastal and hope to see many of you in this epic class!

-Dr. A

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