Devyn Roadhouse-Senior Capstone Update

Devyn is a graduating senior here at CI and is more than halfway done with her Senior Capstone!

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Here is a little background information on Devyn!

I grew up in the Antelope Valley area where I spent my first two years of college. After transferring to Cal State Channel Islands, I came in as a biology major. My goal was to be a marine biologist. Not long after I had settled in, I realized that was not the path I was meant to be on.

After learning about the Environmental Science and Resource Management Department at CSUCI, I realized that my passion for the environment is where I am meant to be. I really wanted to help in conservation efforts. I continue to work with marine environments, but my net has broadened a bit. I am now interested in a wide swath of topics from the ecology of marine life, to conservation, and even marine debris. The overall health of our earth’s ocean is very important to me. Because of that, I decided to focus my capstone project on quantifying microplastics in our coastal systems. Specifically, I have been studying microplastics at four Ventura County sandy beaches to determine if sediment grain size plays a role in the density of microplastics found along these shorelines. Check out my blog!


Halfway done! – a peak into her blog

This week I finished all the Marina Park strand samples and even the Point Mugu swash! Currently, I only have Ormond swash, Marina Park swash, and Ventura swash until my dataset is complete. One thing I found interesting, is that the swash samples had a larger amount of microfibers compared to the strand. This is an interesting find but also makes me wonder if there was something I possibly missed throughout the counting process. Tan and brown fibers are hard to distinguish and sometimes do not look like fibers. They seem to sometimes be translucent and glass-like, yet have the same characteristics as a blue or black fiber would. Overall, my progress is speeding up and I should be done with all data collection by mid March or early April!

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