A Native Garden for CINPS!

Our students have been busy (as usual) in the sustainability realm.  Most recently, Andy Spyrka helmed a project to redesign the entry garden at the Channel Islands National Park Visitor Center in Ventura Harbor.  He was joined by a host of ESRM students and alums, most notably Amanda Shepherd.  Andy, Amanda, and a team that included consultants and the Ventura Master Gardeners revamped the overgrown area, turning it into a great mix of drought-tolerant natives.  Their mantra was “keep it cheap, within reach, and California native-based.”  Check it out next time you are in the harbor! […]

Chemistry Internship in New Mexico

Student Researcher, Karen Ramirez had a summer research internship with Dr. Antonio Lara, in the Chemistry department in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Dr. Lara’s presentation at CSUCI’s Water is Life/Agua es Vida (guest lecture Spring 2016, sponsored by Chicana/o Studies and Chemistry through a CIS grant), opened the door for Ramirez to have the opportunity to work in Dr. Lara’s lab in[…]