February 27, 2019

Dr. Ben Best

EcoQuants LLC

Dr. Ben Best will be joining us on Thursday and Friday, February 28 and March 1, for the second week of campus visits.  This and associated campus visits are the final phase of our hiring process for a new tenure track faculty member specializing in Coastal Data Artistry.  The new faculty member will join ESRM in fall of 2019. 

Dr. Best is an environmental data scientist with a strong background in marine spatial ecology.  He has worked on a wide variety of analytical and visualization projects to facilitate better understanding, management, and decision planning across coastal and marine ecosystems in North America and beyond.

Ben’s Research Seminar will be Thursday, 6-7pm in Broome 2480

Ben’s Teaching Demo will be Friday, 10-11am in Broome 2480

All are welcome!

Research Invitation

Please explore Ben’s interactive invitation page.


Visit Schedule

Curriculum Vitae

CSUCI Presentations

Dr. Best’s Research Seminar presentation from Feb 28, 2019. His talk was full of embedded links. You can find those slides/links here.
Dr. Best’s Teaching Demo from Feb 28, 2019 (note: this version is from our web camera). His tutorial about exploring our opinion poll data set is here and here.
Dr. Best’s Teaching Demo from Feb 28, 2019 (note: this version is from Dr. A’s iPhone).

Link’s to the materials from Dr. Best’s teaching demos can be found here and here and here. And here they are in a more organized format:

Feedback on the Candidate

Please follow this link to our Google Form to provide feedback on our candidates.